Moving an Actor left and right

Hi. So I’m making a temple run type game and I want my third person character to be able to move left and right into three specific lanes. However I cant move the actor using the worlds axis because the map randomly spawns and turns. I want to move the character only to his left or right, regardless of his rotation in the world in blueprints and I’m not sure where to start. Any help is appreciated, Thanks in advance.

Hi man ,
You can get the nodes “get forward vector” and “get right vector” to your char or to your component.
Multiply the right vector to -1 to get the left vector.
these are local vector and will Always point to the left and to the right of your char.

Thanks. I’ve managed to figure that out so far, but I don’t know where to plug that right vector in to a “set actor location” or “teleport” node to make it affect my character.

Hi man ,
For example , the “right vector” its a little Arrow of 1 of length , that point to that direction.
So to move in that direction your actor , you get the location of the actor, add the vector right. and set this new location as the location of the actor.
You can multyply the vector right , to get faster-larger movements.

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Ha! You might have helped me fix a problem I’ve been having :slight_smile: (Unrelated to this)