Moving actors

Hi! I’m looking for the best solution to move an actor - I’ve created a blueprint class Bear (I’m not sure I did it correct by setting its type as Character) and I want make him to chase main character. First I used function Move Component To - it was a good option but it was moving only component, now whole actor. What is the best way to move it?

If this is supposed to be an enemy npc, then you probably want to look into [Behavior Trees][1], which are structures that are designed to make complex AI behavior. These are complex subjects and take a while to learn, but there are [plenty of tutorials][2] out there on AI.

If all you want is for it to move, then any actor that has a controller can be given the SimpleMoveTo command. This will move one actor towards another. So in your Bear blueprint, you could getController (make sure that target is self), then drag from its output to run SimpleMoveTo, and set the goal to be getPlayerCharacter.

And you can call this whenever you want. Like this for instance:

Good Luck!

Thanks for advices!