Moving actors

I know a lot of devs are in the process right now of building their world and populating it with meshes. The problem is, the current transform widget is way too time consuming to use and offers accuracy that isn’t always needed. You guys are moving in the right direction with surface snapping. If you added the following controls, you’d probably double the speed at which world builders could make their levels. Make these as options, don’t remove the existing system:

  1. Move mode- screenspace z,y,z- the little sphere in the middle. A mode where the directional axis is off and you can move by clicking anywhere on the object. Addition key press locks things into Z movement while held.

  2. Rotation- same concept, should work the same way I rotate a sphere in the material editor preview. I don’t need to rotate my rocks 13 degrees on the Y axis. I want to get that stuff down and move fast.

  3. Same goes for scale- uniform by default, ctrl/shift for non-uniform