Moving actors with simulating physics children

I noticed that components which are simulating physics don’t move when their parents are moving, even if they are attached.
In a way I think that makes sense but it can bring a lot of problems.

I try to prototype a spaceship with different rooms and some objects with physics enabled but when I try to move the spaceship (everything is parented to a ship root) none of the simulating objects are moving.
Then when they are not anymore inside a room they just fall in space.

Is there a simple workaround to override this intended behavior?
The only solution I see would be to deactivate physics during movements but in my case this is not really feasible…
I also tried to mess with physics constraints but with no luck.

I’m sorry, I just have to say that this gives me some of the funniest imagery in my head, imagining someone testing out a spaceship, it goes to take off and the only thing that makes it into space is the spaceship. Everyone and everything else not nailed down inside the ship is on the ground because they fell out of the back door wondering what the heck just happened.