Moving Actor in the space of 2-axis

Hello! Actually the question is quite tricky, I want to realize the movement of the object along two axes in 3-dimensional space. The very movement there. Actually she trick is that the axis ("top " “side x, y”) must be prevyazany to the camera or to unnecessarily viewport camera rotates 360.
Actually the example of 3d max, where there is a move mode Screen.

As such it is possible to implement?



I approved your post but I had to remove the image because of the swear word, please don’t post images with swear words in them.



almost forgot, yes it is possible to have movement on 2 axis in 3D space.

Thank you posted)) will alter the picture.

I guess that this is possible but Do not know how, just recently started to learn programming. I would like to see the lesson on this))

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