Moving Actor in the space of 2-axis

Hello! Actually the question is quite tricky, I want to realize the movement of the object along two axes in 3-dimensional space. The very movement there. Actually she trick is that the axis ("top " “side x, y”) must be tie to the camera or to unnecessarily viewport camera rotates 360.
Actually the example of 3d max, where there is a move mode Screen.

As such it is possible to implement?

alt text

Hi man ,
If i get , you want that the cube moves along the green arrows, in the Right part of the image.

Sure, its possible. First you have to Find the direction in wich you want to move. The green Arrow X.
If you are working with an actor here is the Case A or Case B.

A) If your camera is at the same level, and Always looking to the cube : you can get his forward vector and his right vector.,
Then Set your cube location ( not the add location ) to , his location+ the vector right of the camera.
You can also multiply the cameravector for a value like Speed to get a faster movement.

B) If you camera is not at the same level, and not Always look at the char.

You have to get the location of the camera, break his location, and make a new vector with cameraX,YandCubeZ.
This way you get a location at the same high of your cube…
then subtract their location , to get the direction that point from one to the other.
Now you can rotate this vector . just search for the Rotate vector node , add 90° on the Z axis to get the .
Perpendicular Arrow you want.

Be sure to rotate you cube!

Thanks man! Try this math that you describe)) I have the camera rotates around the center of the level, and it is not always looking at the object you want to move. That is the logic of the game - to turn the camera at any convenient angle and move the object in 2 axes (up \ down, left \ right) at any angle of the camera. The camera is Pawn.

I generally get the vector of your circuit, and then the knowledge is not enough.

-I Have a vector

  • I have a desired location (where the object is moved)(Hit Result under finger)
    The question is now to make it clear that the program must move on these axes?

I really dont get your blueprint.
For example : you get the camera001 World loc, and break his vector location.
At every XYZ you multiply for 0, that turn all down to zero , then you add the actor location X Y Z, and then you subtract the previous coordinates X Y Z ? to make a new vector.

Plus: i dont get which is the direction you want to go … in the first sketch was just orthogonal to the camera.
Restart , draw me a sketch simple, with the map , the direction that the char should get and why,
and where is the camera and if the camera influence this .

I do not understand anything ((Okay. Restart. How can I do so that the object along the axis (up \ right) focused on the camera?

I’m trying to do in 3d max - movement to the coordinates Screen. Thank you.

Here you are, to make the Actor focus the camera you can do this.
Take a look , its almost the same blueprint, but the first use the fully camera location. XYZ

The second instead , merge the XY of the camera with the actor Z to let him turn around to the camera
But without look up and down.

Ok thank you, did. Now I have a model of the camera is focused on the “excellent!” something that is necessary. But there is another problem, in general “basic” how to deal with the movement of the object he turned axes.I Tried, “Set Relative Location” but as I understand it has closed an axis and I can not move normally. Moving only as it is not true test ((How to avoid closing the axes? If my guess is correct