Moving a split struct in a comment box adds hex values to pin names

If you split struct pin, on a get struct node that lives in a comment box, then attempt to move that comment box the pin names will sometimes have hex values added to the end, that do not go away unless you re-create the node.

  1. Place a struct get on your blueprint

  2. Split the pin output

  3. With the struct selected press C to put a comment box around it

  4. and then move the comment box

Hex string gets placed in pin names.
Repro: 3/10


Hi Morkath,

I attempted to reproduce this but I couldn’t get your results. It also looks like you aren’t using a standard get node for the Struct variable. What type of node is that? Feel free to upload a test project if that is easier.

It’s just a struct get that I have split the pins on instead of using a break struct node on.

The target pin is just because it lives outside the blueprint I am doing the get on.

Hmm…even when using the exact type of get node that you described, I’m still unable to get a repro on this. Here is what I’m doing, maybe I’m missing a step?

  • Created a struct (Struct01) with several different member variables

  • Created an actor (Actor01), then created a variable of Struct01 inside of it

  • Created another actor (Actor02), in the Event Graph > Cast to Actor01 > Get StructVar > Split the struct pin

  • Select the split Get node > Press the C-key to create a comment box

  • Move the comment box (also tried resizing the comment box then moving it)

  • Create several move comment boxes using different variations of the split Get node and other nodes > Moved them around

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