Moving a Skeletal Mesh Inside a Container

Hello Folks,

I’ve recently been scratching my head…

I am trying to move a skeletal mesh inside of a dynamic box. The idea is that a paper character inside of the box can react to the shaking movement from the user (Vive Motion Controller)

I build a blueprint which includes the box geo and the skeletal mesh. Because there will be ragdoll physics applied to the skeletal mesh, it requires physics to be turned on. When the skeletal mesh has physics enabled, that means that it no longer follows the motion of the rest of the blueprint. To solve this I built a script to read the location of a box component, and then set the world location of the skeletal mesh, on each tick.

With this approach there is lag of the character’s motion. In the first gif, the character clips the box. I want it to remain in one spot, rock solid.

What’s the best way to match the position of both components, while still using a skeletal mesh with physics?


With PHAT enabled: