Moving a single part of a destructible mesh with force?

I’m trying to apply force to a single piece of a destructible mesh?

I was trying to do this via an overlap but when I apply force to a single piece it moves the entire fractured mesh.

I was using GetWorld()->OverlapMultiByObjectType(…);

It would return all the overlapping pieces with the correct number of pieces. The actor name was correct but for each piece it gave the same component name:

(Component = 0x00000210b55ec100 (Name=0x00000210b82cddc8 “DestructibleComponent0”))

If I applied force to only one component it would move all of the pieces, even those not overlapping. Is there a way to get the specific bone name from the component?

It seems using Apply radial force does a lot of fancy things that will cause it to apply force only to the parts of a destructible mesh inside it’s radius. Also, you can’t get the bone name from overlaps.

Any thoughts, tips, tricks? Anything that doesn’t include doing tons of traces?