Moving a project to another PC

I have been working on my project on my laptop, and now I’m handing it off for a friend of mine to continue working on it.

I tried copying the project folder and pasting it in the projects folder on the other laptop, but on the other laptop the level was not loading and the contect browsers shows non of the content (materials, sprites, blueprints etc…) but the folders that are suppose to contain them are still there.

Anyone knows any alternate method to send a project to another device?

Thanks fam :).

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Normally you just copy the entire project folder - paste it into the “unreal project” folder on your other PC (or any other folder e.g you can also put it on your desktop) -> start it with the uproject file inside your project folder and after that it should work.
As in your case it is not working, make sure that you use the same or higher engine version :slight_smile:
+can you see the maps when you go to file-open map ?

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I made sure that we are using the same version. And I can’t see the maps when I try to file-open them. I tried to import them again manually from the project content folders but they fail to import…

Hey bro it’s pointless. I’d say 10/10 searches online for issues like these are explained by professionals who don’t use layman terms thus wasting my ■■■■ time. I just want to copy, paste, and open. That fkn simple. But no one will ever attempt to make it simple. Searching these forums have been a complete waste of time. I wish there was a an easy way to open my project on my second computer. Looks like there isn’t without summoning the lord of simple answers. Which there is no such thing. Guess I’ll just quit while I’m ahead


Do you find any solution ? I am looking for the solution, I am facing the same issue. doing in unreal 5.3.1,

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I found the solution, go to recent levels and there you find you levels that you created in another pc.

Previously you find the levels in open level, in the pc where you created the level.

I just don’t understand what the problem is in these cases.
This has never been a problem for me.

A full copy of the entire project folder should Just Work ™

If it doesn’t work, then something else is wrong. Possible causes might include:

  • copying not the entire project folder, but some sub-folder
  • weird characters or long path names in the destination path
  • not enough space on the destination, so the copy isn’t complete

Typically, I will “git init” in the root of the project folder, and then add DerivedDataCache, Intermediate, Build, and Saved to the .gitignore, and then git commit the rest.
I can then git clone/pull from some other machine, and open the project again, and it just works.

Note that, if the destination computer has a different graphics card or different graphics driver version, you’ll most likely want to delete the DerivedDataCache before you open the project again. Also, that directory is typically pretty big, so you’ll want to not copy that one, if you can selectively avoid it.

Do you find any solution ? I am looking for the solution, I am facing the same issue. doing in unreal 5.3.1,

Hi there, this is an old thread but I thought I would post my fix as it was super simple but I could not find anything online for it. I literally bought a usb flash drive, put my project on that, then physically moved it to the other computer. For anyone out there who does not want to deal with weird packaging stuff, this is for you!