Moving a Physics asset to a new folder breaks the association with the skeletal mesh


I would like to find out if anyone else is experiencing this.
At first i thought i was crazy but after it happened a 4th time im convinced i am not crazy.

If your character has a Physics asset for ragdoll’s and you move it to a new folder in the project it corrupts and tells you it has not skeletal associated with it.
Leaving you to redo it from scratch…

Anyone else experiencing this?
Just want to confirm before i submit the bug report.

It says you can fix it… but all the bodies are then lost and all the constraints which is sometimes a significant amount of work lost.

I have had this problem repeatedly and could not for the life of me figure out why it happened, it is an issue and it continues to happen to me

also if you just rename the skeletal mesh it also ****s up

This issue is logged as ticket number UE-13680
They are aware of it and working on it.