Moving a non player pawn

What’s the proper way to move a pawn that won’t be controlled by the player, but has specific behavior so there isn’t really a need for AI?

I need to do simple wheeled and hover vehicles, and I would like to do basic physics on them as well. The players won’t be controlling them so I’m not sure if I should use a player controller, but there’s also no need for pathfinding or other AI behavior, so I don’t think an AI controller would be better.

I just need scripted events to say increase the throttle or change the steering direction for the wheeled vehicle, or apply a thrust input for the hover vehicle. Should I use a controller at all? Is there a way to directly set up and control a vehicle with simple physics?

Is it possible to extend the controller class in blueprints? I can only have player controller and AI controller as parents.

Insted of PlayerController and AIController simply create your own Controller class, if you want to do simple controlling without advance AI this should be good enouth

Ah you right it nonblueprintable :frowning:

Then you have no chose either use AIController or put control code in pawn itself, you can also make a own actor that controls pawn, dpending on what you really want to do. You can also make C++ class controller that will be blueprintable

Dang that’s what I thought… Well, I’ve been looking into using the character class for my vehicles. I’m hoping that I can implement at least some of the functionality from it, I really don’t want to do all of the movement math and physics (even if it is simple) in blueprinting…

“I need to do simple wheeled and hover vehicles” basing on that phrase you may use the wheeled vehicle movement component or the floating pawn movement, you could add input to them based on a timeline. But based on the other part of your comment you just need a scripted sequence, it’s no really clear what you want to achieve with these so it’s hard to help, though maybe use sequencer?