Moving a "group" from one project or level to another level in another project

I have created a new project using the FPS blueprint…

but now I’d like to take all the already textured and imported assets that make my group… which I have placed into its own folder in the scene outliner… into a new project… and a new level within an already existing project… so I can use the already done lighting settings with my “group” from another project…

how can this be done ?

should I just copy the folder (by finding it in windows explorer) into the folder that is created for the project ?

will it then be available to drag into a new level ?

Right click on the folder inside of Unreal and click “Migrate” then find its new destination.

Just do a right click onto the assets that are included in your group (content browser) - migrate - choose the new project -> when you dont do this the assets wont be available in the new project. Now in your level copy everything that you like from the scene outliner - ctrl+c - open the new project/map - ctrl-v :slight_smile:

HaxO : that doesn’t seem to work… I want to move a group i created in the scene outliner to a new project altogether.

Migrate only seems to work within projects.

copy and paste isnt working either… all I get is a plane… no real assets

Just to understand you right: You have a group in a map in project 1. Now you want to copy this group into a level from project 2? :wink:

When yes then do it as explained above ^^

Added a video

thank you !

I understand this works for most things, but it doesn’t seem to be working for lights. Any ideas on moving lights?

Brute force is an option.

If you have stuff in project A that you want to use in project B I use explorer to copy the folder from one to another. Works well copying art assets from the vault as it’s become common practice to keep art assets with in it’s own folder structure. Comes in handy to add show case levels via level streaming, copy what you want over to the persistent level, and delete the level when done.

Down side is you have to harvest all things as part of the package but here’s hoping Epic comes up with a proper CMS solution in the future so you can snag that one perfect tree. :wink:

You can migrate levels. I am 95 % sure.

Make a copy of you map delete everythink you dont need, put the gamemode to none in worldinfo. And right in the escene in the content browser, and migrate.

Unreal editor need a save load group feature. :frowning:
Meanwhile i use to have a level witht all groups. I cretae lot of groups before start levels.

Hi can you please explain how to achieve this the link is not working . thanks