Moving 3rd person left/right by tilting device! Urgent help needed

This doesnt rotate the player in 180 deg, but when you move your device the character goes left or right depending how you tilt your device.

The last thing is set your movement input so it goes forward every second (I used tick personally). Add movement input is the way to go.

The link above will make your character move forward automatically.

Good luck with your project, I was in your situation as well last year, trying to learn UDK, also making an endless runner :P.

Hope it helps.

I’m trying to make my 3rd person player in my infinite runner game move left or right by tilting the device somewhat similar to temple run! But I’m unable to do implement it. I’m new to blueprints and my presentation deadline at my college is close so I need help in implementing it. I’ve tried couple of things but it resulted in rotating my player 180’ as soon as I tilt it and it never comes back to normal state unless I tilt it to the opposite direction. My logic shown below.

I would be very grateful if someone helps me out.

Appreciate your reply man. And I guess you are right. But what I need is when I tilt the device the player goes diagonally or rotates itself 30 deg right or left depending upon tilt so as to avoid obstacles coming ahead. Any suggestions for that?

I think it’s the same as the 1st link I sent, except in the get input motion state you choose rotation rate instead of Tilt?

Give it a go, hope you find the answer.

sorry man to trouble you again but in the first link whats the logic for “K2Node_InputVectorAxis” that you’ve used? and secondly i’ve used setActorRotation instead of setControlRotation(because i cant find it) is it okay?

It is the tilt action event. You can get the set control rotation from “get player controller”, then you drag from the return value and type set controlrotation. If this has indeed helped you please tick this answer as correct or give me a point if it helped in any sorts.

I surely will mate! No offence but I can’t do it until it’s actually over. Lastly, What about the k2node_InputVectorAxis?

It’s the Tilt action event.

I’ve implemented this. It’s not working in case if i’ve missed anything please let me know. The output of this is nothing. the player just keeps on moving forward. Rotating/tilting my phone in any direction results in nothing!

Ive noticed youre on 4.8 instead, but the nodes i used are these. Some of them differ from yours, Im using 4.9.2.

Have a look.