MovieSceneSequence.find_binding_by_name cannot find binding

I’m trying to use the function, MovieSceneSequence.find_binding_by_name, but it does not seem to work as advertised. I can see there is a binding with that name in the sequence, but the function does not return the binding. Any suggestions? Plan B is to just search in the list of bindings.

print("Bindings: {}".format([b.get_name() for b in sequence.get_bindings()]))
binding = sequence.find_binding_by_name("SK_Mannequin")
print("binding name: {}".format(binding.get_name()))
print("Found binding: {}".format(binding.is_valid()))

>>> LogPython: Bindings: 'SK_Mannequin']
>>> LogPython: binding name:
>>> LogPython: Found binding: False

Hi Chad. Sorry you’re having problems with your bindings.