Movie Render Queue Tree Foliage Problem


I am having an issue with the Movie Render Queue and Foliage. The foliage is not appearing until the camera gets to a certain position, and then the foliage “pops” on. It does not do this when rendering from the sequencer or when I am flying around the scene. It only happens with the Movie Render Queue. I really need to use the Movie Render Queue because I need the anti-aliasing settings as I am rendering this out for video purposes.

Any thoughts?


I would check the camera’s cull distance and foliage details and LOD settings for distance related stuff, also I think there is a distance scalar setting in the game overrides of the MRQ that is used to extend the cull distance or something like that. Not sure because never used it.

Edit: having watched the video again I think it should be something related to LOD levels, maybe you can force foliage to use LOD 0 and see if it works as expected.

Thanks for the response. I have tried using LOD 0 and it didn’t seem to work. And it doesn’t seem to be a culling problem as al the trees appear and disappear at the same time. Also, as a test I replaced the trees with a simple cone mesh that has no LODs and they didn’t disappear so I guess it must be an LOD issue? Is there a way to just globally disable LOD’s? I’m using this for a rendering out video so I don’t want any LOD’s changing on any object.

The weird part as well, is that the trees also disappear and reappear when pan the camera from side to side, so it doesn’t seem like a distance thing?

In a tutorial it was said that if foliage showed up with glitches or flickering one should try increasing a bit the Negative and Positive ZBounds (select the landscape in the outliner and look inside the details panel for that properties).

I would try that. Also if that doesn’t work may be you could copy temporarily the .ini files of a default blank new project and replace the project .inis (with previous backup) to see if some changed settings in the Project Settings produced this odd behavior.

PS. does it happen when rendering with cinematic or high quality?

William Faucher just released a YT video addressing troubleshooting foliage issues, he always gives pro tips and the video may be useful also for anyone having troubles with foliage rendering in their scenes.

Thanks for sharing this. This is fantastic! This guy has been one of my main go to’s on my Unreal journey!