Movie render queue - different look and camera from viewport

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to create a preview of my project with movie render queue.
I’ve been struggling for 2 days.
Fisrt problem I had was I had a totally different camera for the final render, for who know which reason.
here you can see the problem

fed up, I switch off unreal, reopened after 2 hours…tried again to show the problem to a friend…only then it took the camera, but the results has a totally different exposure.
What’s going on? :dizzy_face:

If you render the wrong camera you need to make sure the camera cuts track is actually using the selected camera. Right-click on Camera Cuts → Properties and make sure your camera is selected.

Exposure - what you see in the view window doesn’t necessarily match what you will be rendering.
If you have autoexposure on in the view and have it enabled in the project it will always try to show an image. In your camera details section, there are exposure settings there and also in any post-processing volumes, you have set up. If you want absolute control turn off auto exposure and set camera details to manual and min/max exposure to 1. Adjust exposure compensation to what you want.

Thanks for helping me out.

So, in order, when I was having the problem with the camera, I tried also to lock the camera cuts with the right camera, but was giving me the same result.
Point it, that point of view doesn’t exists in the project.
When I suddenly reopened the file, the camera worked…who knows why.

For the exposure, make sense that can’t be 100% what I see in the viewport…but…
I’m using already exposure on manual( screenshot attached), but the results it’s not correct.

also :laughing:, because you mentioned the exposure in manual…I had also another problem,aha.
if I tried to animate the exposure…I think there is a big bug

I’m a super rookie with unreal…but it got my nerves already :rofl:

I’m focusing on the released UE4.27.2 I know UE5 is still in beta and likely has issues but what they are related to sequencer or movie render queue I don’t know.

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