Movie Render Queue - Camera Cuts Blur Temporal AA

Hello. I have an animated scene playing in Sequencer, and so I had one camera (that was imported as an FBX from Maya) moving around and tracking the animated character. Back in Maya, the camera cuts were done by jump cutting the camera’s location from one frame to the next frame.

Meaning it’d be in Position X on frame 10. Then it’d jump to Position Y far away on frame 11. And so it would “cut” fine. When I rendered out of Sequencer, there was no issues at all.

However, when I started rendering higher quality images using the Movie Render Queue, I noticed that between the cuts, the frame before and after the cut would have streaks of motion blur as the camera prepared to move positions.

I thought I could solve this by no longer cutting with one moving camera, but by having two separate cameras that would be fully static during the cuts (already in the positions they needed to be). However, even with that they are for some reason having a bit of blur (even though they aren’t moving at all).

As soon as I use Temporal AA in Movie Render Queue (if I increases the samples past 1), it always blurs the first frame of the sequence and the few frames around any camera cut (even if I add Warm Up frames).

Here’s a test scene I did with just another cube and orb and just one simple cut between 2 cameras, to show the blurring/transparency issue:

I’m just at a loss for how anyone is able to do ANY camera cuts in Unreal if this is happening? Help please!

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