Movie Render Queue and Memory crashes?


What is the deal with the Movie Render Queue crashing and the ludicrous use of memory?

Project is a total including compiled shaders of 6.21GB (Wetland), no matter if with RHI or without, deleting 2/3 of the scene or not, standard MRQ settings or advanced, 1080 or 4K and it just doesnt render and crashes with memory issues.
System i9+rtx3090

It also takes ages to even get to the crash state (7min?).
The take is only 10 seconds long with 240 frames to render! Screenshot 2021-05-04 174429|690x405

For that 6.21 scene and 240frames it stuffs 205GB(!!!) into the memory before it crashes.

Can someone please give me a clue what i am doing wrong or if MHQ is just bad.

I went through all the usual videos with virtual texturing and setting higher limits in registry, but nothing helps.