Movie Render Pipeline Temporal Sample Count Error Message in 4.27.1

Hey there,

There was a Camera Shutter Angle setting in Movie Render Queue setting back in older version, but it’s gone now. A post on Answer Hub mention that motion blur amount value 0-1 is now mapping to 0-360 for shutter angle. Motion blur amount in my scene is set to 0.5, so I guess it means 180 shutter angle, but I kept getting error while trying to bump up Termporal Sample Count.

MoviePipelinePIEExecutor: Error: Too many temporal samples for the given shutter angle/tick rate combination. Temporal Samples: 2 Shutter Angle: 0.500000 TicksPerOutputFrame: Frame: 1 Subframe: 0.000000 TicksPerSample: Frame: 0 Subframe: 0.250000. Consider converting to Spatial Samples instead!

Anyone knows how to properly sets up temporal sample counts for motion blur in UE4.27.1??