Movie Render Pipeline -> Rendering SplitScreen not working

I have rendering spitscreen → using Movie Render Queue.

But, if i using Movie Render not support SplitScreen.
Result Image:

I find in source code Movie render → MoviePipeline.cpp > this code

if (UGameViewportClient* Viewport =
GetWorld()->GetGameViewport()) {
Viewport->bDisableWorldRendering =
true; }

If change this code to:

if (UGameViewportClient* Viewport =
GetWorld()->GetGameViewport()) {
Viewport->bDisableWorldRendering =
false; }

Isee this result in Movie Render Prewiew.

I understand that the bDisableWorldRendering command
disables the outside world.

Tell me, how can I pass Splitscreen to rendering?
How do I transfer Splitscreen viewport data to task rendering?

In source file MoviePipelineDeferredPasses.cpp
This code responsible for copying from the buffer to the texture. But why does he take only one player?
Why does not accept Splitscreen.

// Render Target that the GBuffer is copied to
int32 NumRenderTargets = (bAddDefaultLayer ? 1 : 0) + StencilLayers.Num() + 1;
for (int32 Index = 0; Index < NumRenderTargets; Index++)
UTextureRenderTarget2D NewTarget = NewObject(GetTransientPackage());
NewTarget->ClearColor = FLinearColor(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);