Movie Render has DOF artifacts with Opacity Mask when close and focused on small objects

I am making a demo getting close shots of some plants and is really anoying that sometimes some artifacts shows up when I am close to small objects.

The Opacity Mask if bluring the background focus.

Is there any way to improve the quality of the render?

I think the video series by William Faucher covers some issues with focus edges.

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Yeah i saw this video, the only thing that he did was to increase the Aperture to 16, to remove the blur from the background. I am taking Macro shot, if i increse the aperture that much, the focus loses its relevance and i lose the macro feeling that i am aiming:

It is good too, but i just want to find a way to get the macro feeling, and i dont know how that much.

My Apertura was in 2.8, i little extreme, i will try to findo some balance between the possible and what i want.

Well, nothing works, even for Apertures like 12 I get those artifacts:

They appear here:

It is really anoying, and now i have some light bounces


The issue is due the Opacity Mask messing with the DOF, the solution may be to put the render location to Before DOF, but this option is gray.

Still experiencing this issue with UE 5.1 Did you ever fine a solution for this?

Hey! To counter this I had to rework my camera movement, moving away from the object and tweaking the Focal Lenght. I just learned at that time some limits of the engine: you cant get too close of realy small masked objects, but zooming in with the Focal Lenght is better.

Thanks for the reply on this @Renanmgs. Unfortunately this doesn’t really work. I was already using an 85mm at pretty far distance, it’s really odd because you get arifacting of all kinds at all distances. We’re still familiarizing ourselves with the settings so hopefully we’ll wrangle it in and figure out what produces the best results with some exploration. Thanks again. Once we determine the “perfect” settings for this I’ll try to report back here with findings for anyone in the future having this issue. It appears to be pretty common but not really a straight forward solution on how to resolve it as many things that have apparently worked for others don’t appear to have an effect on our scene.

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