movie Render export missing vehicle animation

Hi, having an issue with exporting a sequence.
I recorded a vehicle with Take Recorder earlier. I took the shot into another sequence that I was working on previously and it seemed fine. The animation and the actor played back like it had been recorded earlier. I had my cinecamera already set up in the scene, other actors key framed, ready to export with Movie Render.

However I noticed that everything except the vehicle showed up in the export. Here’s my sequence, I circled the shot from Take Recorder that contained the vehicles animation that I dropped in.
As I mentioned it all plays back fine, Particle systems, SM keyframes, decals, etc, but the export is missing the vehicle!

Attached a screenshot of the editor and the open sequence. Any explanation is well appreciated!

Still experiencing issues with Take Recorded shots. The main actor from my recordings is visible, but when I try and render the shot with Movie Queue, everything except teh vehicle shows up

Any Unreal folks who can comment on this?

I really need help with this and am disappointed there arent any responses. Can someone please help me find a solution?

Hey Nino,

I’m having a similar but different issue, but mentioning in case there is some overlap…

First up - is your vehicle a wheeled vehicle blueprint? Or have you animated it by some other means?

If it’s a vehicle blueprint, it seems that there is some issues with the way it captures the recording. For instance, I can get it to capture the take/sequence, however if I add it into the level and hit play, all the items without bones in the blueprint move, but the main body of the car stays still since it is a skeletal mesh.

Wondering if you might have a similar situation going on? If you play the game, does the vehicle show up?

That’s exactly what’s going on. The take recording goes fine. I can play back the shot in sequencer fine. When I go to export the sequence with movie render queue, the Vehicle remains at its initial origin, but the wheels turn and spin as they did in the recording. It won’t actually travel across the ground the way I drove it in the initial recording.

And It’s a wheeled vehicle blueprint yes

What’s strange is that I have replicated the same process using the third person character, and that exports completely fine with movie render queue. Only the vehicles seem to have an issue

Gotcha. Whatever the issue is, I’m having it too.

I’ve got another thread asking a similar question called:

Record Vehicle Animation with Sequence Recorder Issues

We’ll figure this out somehow! I’ve noticed that items like my lights and windows (which are attached static meshes) do not have this issue. It makes me think there is a setting wrong somewhere that relates to the skeletal mesh/physics/vehicle component.


Yeah likewise, I think there is something related to vehicles for sure, thanks for reaching out

Some new updates on other chain. I’ll try and test tonight but flagging in case you have more time than I do today and want to give it a shot!

Here’s the link to the post with the solution: