Movie not playing after packaging

My packaging is great im finished with my game but my credits movie is not playing after packaging i have the credits in the movie folder and i have the variable in the right place in the blue prints its a wmv file ive tryed mpeg-4 and they wont play at all the wmv file plays fine in the editor just not after i package please help

Hi zachmccoy,

Have you tried running through the steps located on our Media Framework documentation page?

yes i have followed all this and still can not get it to play i have created a map just for the credits at the end of the game it takes you to that map and the widget should play it on that map on the screen

  • How are you calling the movie to the widget?
  • Is it a 3D widget or directly on screen?
  • Are you using a media texture or attempting to play solely with the media framework? (note: the standard media framework only works for startup movies/mp4s, not during gameplay or after. For this you will have to use media textures).
  • What device or OS are you packaging for?
  • What do you see when you get to the point that your credits should be playing?

I hate to say this but i went ahead and just made my credits with alot of widgets amd it looks fine but that doesnt really solve the problem for any ome else but i just dont have the time to go into this further thank you for your help though

Thank you for the update. I will go ahead and mark this as answered for tracking purposes.