Movie Import?

So now there is no way to import movie files? With UDK you could import Bink files but now i don’t see any way to do this.

Is this something that will be added later or am i missing the option for this?

Thanks in advance

does that help?

That is for UE3/UDK

there is no option to import Bink movies in UE4 from what have seen so far

Bink movies aren’t supported anymore. I think that they are currently developing a better way (I have asked that questions some months ago) :smiley: Just search on answerhub, there you can find some alternatives

Currently you have to use spritesheets if you want to run animations in the engine. Check out my thread in the content section, I’ve been able to get it working (I created a material that shows a movie which I then put in the scene using a decal).

Here is the Link:

Addendum: If you need to know how to do the spritesheets, let me know.