Movie as LoadingScreen

Hello there,

I saw in multiply games with ue4 video having loading screens with background music… My question is how have they done this with c++ that the video & music is still playing while the map getting loaded?
Is it impossible to make a loading screen that doesn’t stuck while loading done by blueprints?

Hope someone can help or has a guid to it … I really dont know …

Interesting question, so i took a quick look at the engine source and found this:

so it is possible:

u find few things when u search for the IGameMoviePlayer on google :wink:

Please let me know if u got this working or not, i might use this to in the future.

Seems latest version (got 4.9 installed) of ShooterGame using the movie player in the ShooterGameLoadingScreen module

Ah someone posted a TestLoadingScreen Source:

Ill test that out and have a look on the source btw I just posted it here If you are interested in :slight_smile:
I reply If I got that right working how it should …

Yeah it has to be done as a separate game module :slight_smile:

Well the test source is for engine version 4.4 or something like that I binded the code into my main sound and it causes too much errors maybe I’ll try to code my own as a second module … well pretty hard in c++ … when I coded my whole game with bp’s :smiley: What ever … Ill try my best and share my results with you :wink:

The simple and lazy way to so it is make it as a matinee, and play it in the default loading map

Loooool … This works??? lazy … but nice ^^

It wouldn’t work because the Matinee would just freeze while you load the next level. All operations in the current level stop when you start loading a new persistent level.

From my understanding awhile back it can’t really be done through straight UMG and Blueprints. But if I remember correctly Slack actually has closer access to the engine and you should be able to make a loading screen in pure slate that will not lag / can be animated / a movie.

This was back in the early 4.4 days but I remember the reason being is UMG is locked while loading is going on but Slate being closer to the engine level it does not suffer from the locked effects. So you should be able to play a movie / have a animated loading screen done in slate.

Is it during Game Loading or during a Map Loading?

For game Loading, it is already included in the source code, you just have to setup your ini files with the movie(s) to play during loading and save you movies in the right folders. look for the property: StartupMovies in the player settings ini files.

If it’s during transition (map travel), Slate/UMG are not updated unless you are using Seamless travel.

Another approach is to use LevelStreaming.

On the target map load nearly an empty Level so it will be quick to load. Start Matinee / UMG / Slate movies and launch another level loading via Streaming. The UI will be responsive and updated as you are loading the level in the backgroung and the current level will update (tick) your hud.

I have done animated loading screen for my project, though I was not using Movies but UMG widgets. It supports persistent levels loading well enough, but I didn’t tested it with streamed levels.
If anyone interested I can try to extract all relevant code and create mini tutorial here.

I downloaded this plugin however I still have rebuilding errors in visual studio. Why according to this documentation I need older version of Unreal Engine 4,but in this window there’s required newer ue4 version including Visual Studio? What am I doing wrong?