MovetoAI crashing ue4

For starters you can just plug self directly into the pawn input, the rest of that chain is redundant. When is it crashing exactly? Are you 100% sure it’s crashing because of this, as far as I can see from that image, there is nothing that should cause it to crash unless it’s something not shown. I’ve just run a simple AI Move To myself and it definitely works as intended.

I’m trying to get a character to move using movetoAI, except every time I try this UE4 crashes. I have a navmesh, I have it hooked up to an event begin to play to test it. I’ve tried several different setups and without fail it crashes. If I try and just print string AI controller it says their an error and that it can’t be found but in class defaults, it has one set so I’m really confused.

for one if im correct, you need a destination, so by the destination put get actor location then connect that to self.

There shouldn’t be a problem leaving that blank if a target actor is set