MoveToActor : AcceptanceRadius and bUsePathFinding ingored

Hello there!

I’m working on a simple AI that should follow the player and stop when at a given distance from it. I have a custom controller derived from AIController and my own Movement component derived from UPawnMovementComponent.
When the player is in perception I call:

 MoveToActor(PlayerActor, 200.0f, true, true);

If I’m right, my pawn should follow the player, stay on the navmesh and stop when at 200 units of its target. But it just goes in straight line with no regard for the path finding and never stop (it turns in circle on the player).

Just a little bit more info: MoveToActor return “RequestSuccessfull” and the FollowingPathComponent status jump directly to “Idle”.

What I am doing wrong?

Thank you in advance!