MoveTo works with 1 mesh, not another

A problem has developed, starting 4.7.4 I think. Updated to 4.7.5 now.

One of the AI Bots stopped being able to MoveTo. In the BehaviorTree I’ve debugged the reason as no valid path found. On the Character, if I replace the skeletal mesh with the example HeroTTP mesh, scale him down to the size of the cats collision capsule, it works.

I have another Bot that is uneffected by whatever the problem is. I do use source control, but I can’t pinpoint when the problem occurred, or which asset it might be in.

Which component on the Skel Mesh would cause this type of problem?


Apparently having accept rootmotion from everything in the AnimationBlueprint can break path finding. Setting it back to only from Montages fixed my problem.

Root motion breaks pathfinding or pathfollowing? We currently don’t support root-motion-driven character pathfollowing, since it’s a way more complicated concept then regular pathfollowowing. We’d basically need to add path “planning” which would take a path and figure out which root-motion move clips to play in sequence (like we did in Bulletstorm! :D).

We are going to implement path planning at some point, but it’s not near the top of the AI backlog.