MoveRight goes way too far

The Player char controller blueprint is fine, but pressing > to move right goes in literal circles.

I’ve bing’d and checked here and I can’t thus far find a way, as I’ve seen in many other games how to get > just to go enough right to stay in that direction.

I’ve tried on my own, but no context ( right click blueprint) comes up that seems to fit, but I"ve had it working before.

Using default movement input , thx for any help with this.


do you somehow use the forwardvector of the pawn?

As noted I use default blueprint for 3rd person character, which yes includes forward vector for movement ( not mouse of course).

Ty for chiming in, hope to find a solution

Not a dev buster but a nice feature to have.

Pressing > on keyboard to go right, causes character to very quickly go in a circle which is a very odd behavior, so I was hoping there was a way to program that out.

OK one bit of verify to help anyone unsure what I’m getting at:

I booted up a different engine to verify, lumberyard by amazon in this case ( I try out many for obvious reasons) and indeed, pressing UP to go fwd and RIGHT at the same time, causes player to ‘ease’ right but in a ‘straight line’, vs the effect in UE4 of a 360 degree circle which most certainly is not the desired outcome obviously.

So anyone know how to fix that ?

I bing’d, youtube’d and tried many things in BP’s but nothing is working.