Movement X & Z question

I began developing game about spiders. I started project as a 2D Side Scroller and now I don’t how to programm movements of Pawn like a spiders on his spiderweb. I hope you will help me guys

Hi @JigokuGames

You can create A SpiderWeb that generate herself the shape but is hard.
Instead you can load a mesh and use it like a guide, and create the “info” manually.
Add a mesh and add some scenecomponents,
place every scenecomponents where the web intersecate, and call it “Dots”.
Build a list where you can say every Dots of the web
To which Dot is linked.

Order your pawn to move toward a dot,
Order to your pawn to move toward one of the Linked

If you want create them dinamycally
you have to make a clever Web
that cast to the volume she occupy , Detect the starting point of the web
and triangolate the location of the N loop and N slices of the web do have all the dots
add meshes to connect every Dot created, and scale them.