movement while playing animation

I’m trying to make my character play an animation using my blueprint. The problem is the animation is in place and I want him to move forward while playing the animation.
When I add a AddActorLocalTransform node the character teleport forward and than play the animation in place.
What should I change for it to work?

I advice you to take a look at animation blueprints
Playing animations and reverting back to previous animations in going to be a lot easier.
The reason your character is teleporting rather than moving is because you are setting the position it will end up in, so it will teleport to the end position. I advice you to set the locations over a timeline. More on that here Moving actor from one point to another smoothly - UE4 AnswerHub
If you want to use Play Animation I think calling that before the timeline should work
Hope this helps

Take a look at Root Motion. It’s not that fun to implement but it’s way better than hacking a way through it by manually moving your character.