Movement restriction during attack sequence

Hi, in my character BP I wanted do restrict character movement during attacking.

I set up it like this (it’s going to be a platformer game, so character moves only left or right):

And this is attacking:

My problem is, that no matter how many animation montages I set, my character can always move during third attack. All anim notifiers are set correctly, changing the montage itself doesn’t help either. So my character stands still only during first and second attack, and starts moving during the third one and next. Any ideas how to fix it? I want to have combo of exactly 3 attacks.


Two things:

  1. Try to change your boolean condition, like this:

just to see 1 thing.

  1. revise all your montages, probably your “reset anim notify” are not in the right place. The may be reseting (i.e calling the combo reset event before it should

Thanks for answer.

  1. I tried many options with this boolean, also in the way you’re suggesting, but the result is always the same;
  2. I’ve checked the montages many times, the thing is, that no matter the order of the montages, it always starts moving on the third attack.

ok, but your animnotify is settled in the end of each montage? something has to be worong, because I did the same tutorial, but with 5 combos, and it works perfectly

you may winrar the project and send me and I see it for you, if you wants. If I find the problem, I´ll fix and show you.

thanks for your help. I repeated all the steps from the scratch and now my character do only first combo move… i have no idea where is the mistake, so I uploaded the project. Animations are VERY crappy, but they are just for testing purposes :wink: default attack key is NUM 2


Problem solved! Check this steps:

  1. One of your montages doesn´t have the “chain” notify in it, I think it is the kick one, don´t remember, check all.

  2. The chain combo event wasn´t hooked, check the picture here:

  1. All animations has the reset notify in the wrong place, put the reset notify in the END of the montage. The Chain notify must stay close to the frame where the animations “hit” the enemy, try to do as I did in the photos:

It is working ok here, don´t forget to hook the boolean in the movement input.

no problem! Try to change the notify positions to see different situations, like the chain notify, if you put it in the beggining of the montages, you will have a looott of time to press the button, if you put the chain too close to the end of the montage, you will have just a few miliseconds to press the button. the reset has to be in the end, if not, it will reset the combo integer variable faster than you press the button.

but, try to make changes until find the perfect one

Please mark this question as finished and good studies!

Wow, thank You very much, it works! I didn’t realize that the notifies must fit so precisly, I just thought that “chain” must sit before “reset” and they both need to be somewhere near the end of the montage. Now the combo runs well, and the movement restriction finally works. Thanks again!