Movement Replication of SkeletalMeshComponent using Physics Handle Component

Hi everyone,

Not sure if this is a bug in UE4 4.20 or me doing something wrong. The problem:
I have a Skeletalmesh, assume a rope that animates correct using physics. The problem starts when I do use a UPhysicsHandleComponent to grab it. When doing so the clients seems not getting synced correct. If I do run two clients and one runs in Listenserver mode I can see that the server can grab and animates correct but the physics animation on the client (the actor which has USkeletalMeshComponent is set to replicate and replicate movement) isn’t in sync with server. The fun part is, If i am able to grab the Skeletelmesh on the client, looking at the server seems moving correct but still the clients has weird movements. So I assume the syncing from server to client doesn’t work correct. I changed net update values and it did not help at all.
Anyone with same problem or with a solution?