Movement not working for basic pawn

I have a pawn that at this point is just a dumb block of a mesh, no bones, nothing special, purely a placeholder that I’m using to try to experiment/learn how to work with the AI system in Unreal. I want it move around the map to places where I click, something akin to the top-down example. I cracked open Top-down and see they use Simple Move to Location. So I try that. I replicate the blueprints for picking a location based on mouse clicks, drop in my pawn, start up the map, and click. And nothing. The error I get is ‘SimpleMove failed for aicontroller_13: movement not allowed.’ So I dig around a bit more and I see comments about how SimpleMove only works for characters, not pawns. Okay, fine, let’s try MoveToLocation instead. Pawn still not moving. Then I try AIMoveTo. Still nothing. And yes, I do have a NavMeshBoundsVolume on the map in the area I’m trying to move my pawn. At this point I’m plain out of ideas short of trying to break out the debugger and walking through the Unreal code to see why the engine apparently can’t move a simple pawn. So, has anyone here ever gotten basic movement working for a non-character pawn? Cause I really, really can’t see why this should be that difficult but I don’t know what the point of failure is nor why this shouldn’t just work out of the box. I mean, is it considered uncommon to want to have a non-character pawn move around on a map or something?