Movement messed up after adding sword

Hello everyone,

I have been having this issue for a while trying to fix it on my own but not having any luck. This is the second project i have tried this in as i thought i was doing something incorrect in the first one so i decided to start a new project, but i had the same results. I am using the idle asset from the Couch Knights demo for an idle anim. If i move all is well; until i add a sword, does not matter if it is the sword from Couch Knights or from any asset pack. I have attached the screen shot of my blueprint. What goes wrong is when i add the sword and hit play i cannot move forward, no matter which way i try to go the character goes mostly off to the left, or to be more accurate, where ever it wants to. If i have the animation for attacking set up as well i sometimes shoot off into oblivion. I thought it was a re-targeting issue, so i hit up those tutorials on UE’s YouTube and such, but that does not seem to work.

This issue has plagued me long enough. Any help is appreciated to get this squared away