Movement key gets disabled

I decided to edit this post to make it smaller :slight_smile:

When I assign W key input to be used in a level blueprint (3rd person template), it stops working as the default movement key for forward direction.

Is there a way to have the W key do both? (continue to work as the forward key AND follow my BP below?_

Many thanks!


Thanks for replying. Not sure what you mean though. W works correctly according to my BP but when it does, the movement no longer works. When I remove the W key from the BP, movement returns. Does that make sense?
Btw, I have E assigned to another action.
I’m puzzled.

Try assigning W as an input action in your project settings input -

You can assign input actions to the same key as well.

IE in that screencap “RunInteraction” and “Use” both use the E key one for testing purposes.

As I said assign the key as an input action in your project settings - inputs (check the screencap above!)

Would say make two input actions using the same key then use the input actions in your BP

Here is a gif of how to get there Screen capture - ab44d19b2c21478d3dcde178ec87e383 - Gyazo

Yea just make 2 input actions using the W key then swap out the W key in your BP to use the input action as such Screenshot - a627015c995448ef6ccdd3a2b378add5 - Gyazo

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Ahh! That makes sense, using input actions instead of the actual W event. I’ll try it and let you know tomorrow how it goes. Thanks again.

Ok - so I changed the W key for 2 input actions and assigned W to them in Project Settings->Input. Unchecked consume input and all is dandy! Thanks for your help. This is resolved.