Movement input

quick question so in order to control a character input this has to be done in level blueprint no matter what?it just might be me but in some video tutorials Ive notice they can move the character in character blueprint.

Movement input is typically written inside the player controller blueprint, by commanding the player pawn to move, or inside the player character blueprint by affecting the movement component.

If it doesn’t work, be sure to possess the pawn. From the player controller, possess the pawn and select the pawn reference. That can be done on the level blueprint for example. The more favoured option is to set a custom game mode in the project setting (1) and let the game mode spawn the player controller and pawn at the start of the level. It will automatically possess the pawn.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

(1): project settings → maps and modes → game mode “+”, then same process for the player controller and player pawn underneath.

thank you for your response.

You may want to check my youtube channel out. It contains a bitesize set of tutorials on blueprints.

This link takes you to the playlist. Tutorial 2 setting up player movement sounds like it could be beneficial to you…

Shows you exactly how and where to make the character move in a player controller/character BP.

Hope this helps.