Movement Input Breaks on UMG Button Click

Hello, my player controller’s forward movement is defined by pressing the W key, it looks like this

The issue I have is that sometimes (not always) when I left click on a UMG widget (button) it will stop my movement and I have to restart. This is bad for gameplay. Any suggestions on how to guarantee the flow of movement doesn’t become interrupted?

Thanks for your time!

Not enough info here. The issue is probably relating to the widget; is user focus being set to the widget?

Hah, I am experiencing probably same issue now but I have not done research yet, so maybe solution is easy. When I click on on UMG HUD button game lose focus and I need to click to clear place again in order to be able to move using keys again.
I have also another issue, when I click on image widget, input is not consumed and my character moves to that position.

Anybody has idea how to solve our issues ?

EDIT: Set Input Mode nodes are probably right way of doing that but I have not tested that yet. UMG: Focus widget? - UE4 AnswerHub … I belive I will need to find some node for getting something like bool IsOnHUD();