Movement in relation to camera [Resolved]

I’m currently using the rolling game template, and have changed the camera so that I can move it around my ball.
this works fine but the player movement isn’t in relation to the view from the player.
I assume that i need to change that the rotation of the ball is in relation to the view.
would be a BIG help if someone know how to deal with this problem :slight_smile:

This is how my whole Blueprint looks (to see wich category i choose)

And this is the “Problem Zone” i think

Thanks for Help :slight_smile:

Hey Janbertus,

You already identified the correct problem zone. :slight_smile:
In order to get movement relative to the camera, you need to use the right and forward vector of your controller (/camera). I would recommend going through the official third person blueprint tutorials since they go over a lot of stuff you might need for your project.

Below is a screenshot of how you can set it up - I hope it helps!


Thanks for your quick reply and Thanks for your help :smiley:

Evrything just works Perfect :slight_smile: i had one issue but it was my fault because i had forgotten that i shouldn’t Multiply by 0…

BIG Thanks :slight_smile: