Movement in Relation to 3rd Person Locked Isometric Camera [Solved]

I’m trying to create a 3rd person isometric view by adapting the the stock 3rd person character and camera settings, so the camera is locked in place at an isometric view.

I tried simply removing the camera controls on the Right Stick, and moving the camera to the desired height and angle.
I left the CameraBoom alone.

I have the character moving and facing the direction of movement, but the movement is not relative to the camera’s position. (ie, when pushing straight up on the right stick, the character moves in a 45 degree angle to the top right of the screen. When pushing the right stick directly right, the character moves to the bottom right of the screen. etc…)


How what do i need to modify further to have the right stick movement be in relation to the locked camera position?

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You’ll have to replace your calls to GetForwardVector and GetRightVector with those same calls, but on the camera…not the character as it’s currently setup.

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Thank you!

Took me a minute to figure out what you meant, as I was trying to call the GetControl Rotation to target the Camera (which didn’t work) but I got it in the end.

Had to switch out the very first call of Get Control Rotation, with a Get World Rotation, that used the Camera (in my case called “follow camera”) as it’s target.

It now works as I would like.


sweet! glad you got it sorted!