Movement in direction of camera using trigger: How?

Using Steam VR, I’m currently working on the VR aspect of a project that largely revolves around the exploration of the environment, with the preferred method of smooth locomotion using the motion controllers. The environments are meant to be seen up close and thoroughly, fluidly, and seamlessly experienced, so teleportation is out of the question. I’ve been thinking about ways to do it, and the best and simplest way seems like it may involve moving in the direction you’re looking with the HMD while holding down a trigger on the controllers.

So, how exactly can I go about having such a system of locomotion with Vive? A blueprints-only method is preferred, as I don’t know or understand any special programming (C++ and what-have-you) languages at all. I’ve searched high and low, but have yet to find anything about this kind of locomotion. If there is a way, it would be the height of kindness if someone can show me exactly what nodes are set up and how they’re connected, since I also posses a limited understanding of how to do build blueprints from scratch.

Thank you

I would recommend you load up the First Person Shooter template in the editor, because it pretty much does this already for you. If you open up the FirstPersonCharacter blueprint you’ll see everything set up.