Movement-Deformation using MorphTargets

Hey guys, like the title suggests i’m currently working on deformations of a non-human (biological cell) character in movement. I’m fairly new to the u4 engine and quite “noobish” with blueprints. First of all i created the movement animation in blender, this should scale in the current movement direction:

Now here’s my problem: After a bit of research i managed to import the MorphTarget from Blender to U4 and i got the Skeletal Mesh with the MorphTarget. But i can’t figure out how to set up the animationBP for the following 2 objectives:

  1. Continuesly play this deformation animation while Moving.
  2. Automatically fir the deformationdirection to the movement direction.

I’d be very happy if one of you guys could give me a hint or two how to use this Morphtarget for creating this animation and fit it to the right direction.

could you set that video to public or restricted? Its currently private so no one can look at it/

Should be public now, sry

After playing around with the AnimationBP, i was able to create the according “deformation” in the event Graph of the Animation BP, Screenshot provided below.

However i’m currently a bit curious about how i should implement that the event graph should be constantly played only while movement of the character. In addition to that i’m still not sure about how to fit this in the according movement direction. Any ideas of you guys? Agains sry for the “noobishness” :smiley:

Well i kinda managed to get this Morphtarget animation working (Thanks to the Example content) - I just got one ultimate question i’d like to ask u guys wether somebody has some experience in that: Is there any way to automatically rotate the animation to the current movement direction? :S

Wow, you go a complicated way, to drive those shapekeys, if you ask me.
I suggest to look into timelines and using a float in range from (-1 to +1) to drive it, you can use a delay 0 to plug the output into timeline, “play from end”.
You need to setup a second event track to get some usable events too.
Do you want to control that eggwormthing, as a pawn?
When you make a scene parent inside blueprint and parent everything to that, then the direction thing is no problem.
I forgot: Next thing you will bump into are collision issues with that morphstuff.
There are many ways to solve that. I create collision basic shapes (capsule in your case), and when i have a timeline to morph, i could connect / use timeline for capsule scale, or location.
The phys skel collision you do not need then to care about. But perhaps someone knows how to do it with physskel in an easy way?

Well… That “solution” was indeed a bit complicated, I’ve tossed it overboard 2 days ago and managed to drive the morphtarget all by a single morph curve in a animation sequence. But that collisionsuggestion of you sounds promising indeed, i’ll have a closer look at this thanks.

Btw.: Forall those who come across a similar problem: (My personal)Easiest way (at least in a top down(with camera angle about 60-70%) setting) to achieve this is to drive the morph target with a morph curve (gonna insert pictures later) and rotate the skeletal mesh (preferably already in Blender or Maya) until the morphtarget direction points towards the camera in the preview window. Then it should point automatically in the movement direction.