Movement controls and weapons in other blueprints

I’m not quite confident I understand this fully, but I believe what I’m asking is possible and this is how to do it.

What I’m trying to do is declutter my character blueprint. I have a few super powers and movement modes available but they are currently all inside one single blueprint.

I’d like to have each superpower a separate blueprint, along with each movement mode (flight, teleporation ect).

If I have them all separate, by using Get player character + Cast To MyCharacter from this tutorial

will that work?

The examples have a few minor details but before I start dissection my blueprints I’d like to know how complex it can be.

Can I have my entire flight controls in there, and use casting to call upon that to control the player?

[Character blueprint] - has normal movement controls with a branch, to check for movement modes. If detected, by using Cast to, can the controls then be brought over from the other blueprint?

Hopefully this makes sense.

Yes, it make sense to use some modularity, IMO is recommended to separate things for better organization. Everything in one blueprint like Tappy Chicken example is not good.

A good guide could be to separate things that are visually independent and can have some interaction between them.

To “link” your blueprints a good place should be your custom GameMode. There in the BeginPlay event you can get your player character and other blueprints and store the references in your characters variables.

To be able to access variables from other blueprints make them public.

For example in my game my character BP are separated to a ball, but he needs to know where the ball is all time to look at.