Movement Component Correction issues

Hi Guys,

Following the thread i have here I am having a go at movement component correction,…sues-on-client

I have an issue that seems to be a correction issue in my movement component

I was Following this tutorial as it seemed to work fine (part 5 and part 6) however mine needed to be off of UFloatingPawnMovement.…ts-get-moving/

so I changed it a bit and tried to focus more on the location replication, and got it as far as i could manage!

Below is the movement component attached i am working on

And here is the Pawn class im using (i have disabled rotation for now, just working with SetForward and SetRight functions in pawn really while i get replication working right)

I think the problem lies in the movement component function ServerMoveHandleClientError where it seems to think everything needs correcting?
but im not sure, ive been stuck on this for about 2 days now and i cannot see the wood for the trees and need a second pair of eyes (or lots of pairs of eyes)!

Can anyone else take a look and check why movement on the client is correcting so much?

kind regards

has anyone been able to check this out?

Can you please be more specific? Recreate the problem in a simpler setup or posting the problematic code are good options. A movement component is a complicated class and there are too many things that can be wrong.


I’ll try and create a simpler project tomorrow (cant today)

you said posting the problematic code, the two files in my post are the problematic code? i even included the tutorial i was basing it off

if you just include those two classes in your project and set up a bp third person pawn (setting pawn as default), and add a mapping to call setforward and setright functions on the pawn, run it as two players you will see the stutter/correction on the client instantly?

its auto correcting the client every time rather than just the occasional one. Im not sure how i can be more specific as i just dont know?

kind regards

Whenever you use a APawn always ask yourself if you could instead use a ACharacter. You will run into tons of issues with the generic movement components that are probably solved in the UCharacterMovement class.