Movement Component: Accessed None Error


I’m trying to add camera movement to my character based on movement velocity. When I try to use the “Get Movement Component” for my character, it doesn’t give any values and causes “Accessed None” errors. I’m Using the stock TwinStick Template that comes with unreal engine 4 and the camera movement logic is taken directly from the SillyGeo example that arrived in 4.7. I’ve implemented the same exact camera movement logic in the third person BP template without any problems.

The error log points to the Set CanFire function inside the TwinStickPawn BP, which to my knowledge is not tied to anything concerning player movement.

I’ve included more screens from the event graph just in case, these cover movement and shooting.

(Note: The Camera movement logic is tied the third sequence coming from the event tick, as shown in the first screen)

Any help would be great, I’ve researching online and can’t seem to find anything specific to my problem.