Movement Animation Looping too early, visual stuttering

I’ve been following the tutorial series here to create a third person game. It goes through the process of importing animations, setting up controls, creating a character, adding animations to the character and setting controls for the character. At tutorial #14, we are testing it. Everything seemed pretty good up to this point.

However, now I am noticing an issue when testing it. It seems the last little bit of the ‘running’ animation is cut off. The character will get 90% of the way through the running animation and it will loop again before it is done, causing a very obvious visual stutter.
Here is what it looks like. Not the best quality but it was the best I could do with the tools I have.

I’m not sure what I can do to diagnose this. It shows up like this in the Animation window for both the walk and run animation. I saw it before actually testing it out, but I thought it might work properly “in-game”. I have re-imported them to no effect.

The files I used are located here. I don’t know if I can open these FBX files in an external application to make sure they work correctly or if there’s anything I can do in the editor to look at it.

Any advice?

I asked this earlier and was told to “delete the last keyframe”, but I looked through every option I could find in the animation system and still have no idea how to do this, nor why it would help. It seems to me it would make the stutter worse, not better.

Could you probably make the video public so that I can take a look at it? :slight_smile:

@Veovis Muad’dib You can do that in your 3d program and it will probably solve your problem (then the blending will be better → so before the actual animation is finished it will be played again), but for example in my case this stuttering appeared since the 4.4… before that everything was working fine

Better? I don’t upload to YouTube often

I’m using assets directly from Epic. I wouldn’t know the first thing about editing them myself.

Here’s a video where you can see the problem from as far back as April, in the tutorial itself no less. This stutter happens across all the looping animations as far as I can tell.

Yep now I see it. This problem is caused by the last keyframe or a bad animation (that it doesnt jump back into the beginning state)

Has anyone fixed this? I just updated to 4.5 and it started happening. I’ve reimported the run sequence and it still stutters.

I know the reason this happens is because those blue man animations are made in a way to let the engine blend the loop. But in later versions of the engine, I don’t see that option there anymore so not sure if you can still do that or not. But the consequences are that, those animations don’t work well, because the engine don’t blend the loop anymore.

I know you can right click on the animation and pick Add Looping Interpolation, but all this does is add a duplicate pose to the end. The problem in these animations is that, that’s not all that is missing to make it a proper loop. There are more “end frames” missing to make a clean loop out of it.

The only way I know of to fix it for good is to import to Max or whatever software, and fix the animation in there and re-export it.

EDIT:- Try these…

Should be a bit smoother though probably needs a bit more work to get it perfect. I think the original animation is mocap and not perfectly looped in the first place. You can see on the animation itself there’s a kind of slightly jerky motion, which goes further than just the loop, it’s part of the animation. But these ones should be much better than the default ones.

Dude, thank you. I actually did edit the end key frames in Max but it surprisingly fixed nothing. However, the animations you provided me with are great.