Movement and yaw rep. does not work for client2+


In my project i have character possession and that characters can shoot, look around and walk. Everything worked fine on 4.13 engine.

When i moved my project to 4.14, in listen or dedicated server option, when server or client1 possess pawn, everything is ok however when client2 or higher possess character, that client can shoot, can look around but absolutely cannot MOVE with character and also yaw is not replicated when he’s looking around. (defaultly it is in all projects)

This does not happening when i start game, but if i possess character in game.



Now i created new fresh character… If client2 or more possess that character, nothing can move with character… possession works, some abilities too, but everything related to movement not…

Hey Name368,

I’ve actually entered an issue for this earlier today: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-39087)

Let me know if that sounds like the same issue you’re running into.

Have a great day & thanks for your report.

Exactly! Thank you .