Movement and rotation not working

The rotation works but not as I intended it to. I want to know how to rotate just the sphere not the player. The sphere is the root part and the spring arm in the sphere. The movement doesn’t make the sphere move at all. I am using impulse for a smooth movement.

If by *player, *you mean the camera - set the springarm rotation to absolute.

What’s the value of *moveSpeed *here? Crank it up and and tick Vel Change.

Shouldn’t you be using *AddForce *here since this is axis movement? [HR][/HR]
Also, if you want to be moving in the direction where the sphere is rotated, that’s not going to work well. You’d need to create a direction vector first; even actor forward is of no use here since the sphere will be rolling.

How is this supposed to work? Seems very similar to the rolling ball template. Did you have a look at how it’s set up?

Okay tysm!

Wdym by “Absolute”

I mean this:

Oh okay thanks

I tried finding out how to make it move in the direction but it doesn’t work.

Did you ever look at the rolling ball template? How close is it to what you want to achieve?

Atm it’s somewhat hard to advise regarding how the movement is supposed to work as you override rotation of a physically simulated object. Could you elaborate on that?

Okay thanks

If you still have problems with the sphere’s movement, could you give it a texture (so it’s not flat white) and post a video of the movement?