Movement and Rifle Animset Pro - mocap animation packs for UE4 - direct buy


I’ve made two motion capture animations packages, that are game ready and baked on UE4 Template Mannequin (the same one Epic uses for their Animation demos). They are on marketplace trello. A lot of people asked about the release date.

I was to start selling them directly, even made this thread and set up www store, but…

I just found out that for my animations to work in Unreal Engine 4, there needs to be support for Root Motion in Blendspaces etc. etc. It only works on AnimMontage apparently, and you can’t do directional walking and blending using root motion. All my anims use root motion.

Edit: just found out that root motion blends are first in trello “to do” list.


I doubled the animations and that solves the problem. There is now 2 versions of every animation in the package: 1 with Root Motion and 1 without (in place).

Kubold Animation Store - click to get Movement and Rifle Animset Pro

Awesome, just purchased!

just looked at all of them and i have to say this is awesome man :smiley: